The Domaine

The estate produces five appellations from the GAMAY variety, which yields black grapes with white flesh…


from the sandy, clayey hillsides with a granitic sub-soil, located at an average altitude of 300 metres.


mainly from the “Côte du Py” area, with a sub-soil of igneous, and in particular basaltic rocks.


drawing its flavours from a clay/limestone topsoil with a sub-soil comprising friable pink granite rich in manganese dioxide soils.

Beaujolais-Villages Red & Rosé

from clay/limestone soils and a granitic sub-soil, at an altitude of 320 metres.

… and one appellation from the CHARDONNAY grape variety:

Beaujolais-Villages White

coming from a clay/granite soil, lying at an altitude of 300 metres.

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