Our team

A united family with

complementary personalities

Gille Roux

Now here’s a true wine-grower, with his calloused hands from 40 years’ experience. He’s not very talkative – you have to know how to interpret his silences and try to bring out this passionate man who appreciates the finer things in life.

Cécile Roux

She keeps away from the vineyards because she feels the cold, but this star of the Beaujolais wine region is the estate’s main contact in terms of sales, billing, e-mailing, and running everything else in the office.

Victorien Roux

The tradition lives on – with freshness and ambition as well. He contributes his ideas, as well as the modernity that the estate needs in order to evolve.


He’s our receptionist, always there night and day, always ready to welcome you and get a stroke. He loves that!